A.I.R Gallery's Opening Reception: November 7, 2013 from 6-9pm

A.I.R. Gallery would like to thank everyone for coming to the opening last night! 
Below are photos of Jane Swavely's exhibit Purlieu, which will be in Gallery I through November 30, 2013. 

Jane Swavely with her painting:
The Blue Light #1, Oil and powdered pigment on canvas, 56" x 54", 2013

Untitled (Detail), Pastel on paper, 12" x 12", 2012

Read Jane Swavely's press release and visit her website at www.janeswavely.com

Gallery Hours are Wednesday - Sunday, 11-6pm. The gallery will be closed November 27-29 for Thanksgiving. For directions please visit www.airgallery.org. For additional information, please contact the Interim Director, JoAnne McFarland, at 212-255-6651 or info@airgallery.org.


Guerrilla Girls through January 6, 2014

A.I.R. Gallery loves Guerrilla Girls!
Check out what they are up to this fall:



Xavier Arakistain, an incredible Spanish curator who is a life-long feminist and GG supporter, has put together a retrospective of 28 years of Guerrilla Girls work at the Alhóndiga Bilbao, a huge cultural center. There are 79 posters in the show, large and small, accompanied by video and 13 tables of correspondence, ephemera, and street photos. We've been looking though our files and discovering smaller projects and letters we hadn't thought about for years. It has been very moving to see all the work together in one huge space. This idea to put up a couple of posters on the streets of New York so many years ago has really added up to something.

Below are more photos from the exhibition, including a gigantic street banner which asks, "Why Are The Guerrilla Girls Talking Trash About Art, Film, Politics and Pop Culture? Come Inside And Find Out." Thousands of people have visited already, hundreds have written on our interactive wall. We also did a workshop with local feminist activists, and took some of the resulting projects to a pro-abortions rights rally.

Our show at the Alhóndiga is a new kind of retrospective: everything was digitally printed in Bilbao and affixed directly on the walls and tables. No frames, no shipping!

Video at http://www.guerrillagirls.com/exhibitions/alhondigabilbao.shtml

                Alhondiga Bilbao website

Top: Entry to exhibiiton with Code of Ethics poster / room 2 installation view. Middle: Room 3 installation view / one of 13 tables of ephemera / room 1 interactive wall. Bottom: Hate Speech, Estrogen Bomb projects / street banner on Alhóndiga

Yoko Ono's Meltdown Festival, London, June 2013 Gig, workshop, street banner

GDM Gallery Palais de Tokyo, Paris, Summer 2013 poster installation

Gothenburg Biennial, Sweden, Sept-Nov 2013 curated by Katerina Gregos

Gigs and workshops Fall 2013: Utah State, Weber State, Utah Museum of Fine Arts, Alhondiga Bilbao, Princeton, Wellesley, Chaffey College, Warren County Community College, Museo Universitario Arte Contemporaneo, Mexico City

From left: Estrogen Bomb at Meltdown; GGs with La Barbe at our GDM Palais de Tokyo opening


See our Datebook, Facebook, or Twitter for where we'll be next 



Support A.I.R. Gallery Fellow Jayanthi Moorthy in her project: ART FAST!

Celebrate the South Asian festival called Navaratri through an Art Fast. For nine days limit yourself - by excluding tools and art elements or restricting them to a few, in your art practice. See where the creativity flows in constraining yourself.

The experience of the Art Fast will help rejuvenate the creative spirit and enable us to focus on the elements of our art practice. It will also help us gain confidence in our creative selves when we see our creativity flow in spite of restricting or changing our tools.


Art Fast
Sat, Oct 5 - Sun, Oct 13
Participate online and follow the blog. See what your fellow members and other professional women artists are doing in their fast. Alongside see actual installations of the festival in India.

Navartri celebrations
Sat, Oct 5 - Sun, Oct 13
Join your fellow members to attend and indulge in actual Navaratri celebrations of music, dance and devotion in NYC.

Break the Fast
Sun, Oct 13 @ 6 PM @ A.I.R. Gallery
Participate in person in a festive evening of music, fance and snacks (A.I.R. members only)

For guidelines to participate check the blog: artfast2013.tumblr.com

This project is conceived by Jayanthi Moorthy as part of her fellowship with A.I.R. Gallery

A.I.R Gallery


Wish You Were Here 12

A.I.R gallery's annual Wish You Were Here fundraiser consists of generously donated postcard sized works by  artists from across the country, and the world. Each piece costs $45, and all proceed from the benefit go to funding A.I.R's various programs.  
This year's Wish You Were Here Show features countless unique words by over 250 artists. There is a wonderful variety of both media and content, with some artists choosing to address the idea of vacation, travel, wandering and place. Many of the works contain a sense of poignant nostalgia, depicting far away places or moody landscapes. There were funny postcards, joyful postcards, and postcards with literal and figurative messages (after all, the true purpose of a postcard is to send a message!). They were created with a wide range of media: not only were there 2 dimensional works on paper, but also a variety of wood and wire sculpture, assemblages, and some knit and embroidered pieces. In trueness to the nature of postcards, the pieces came from as near as Brooklyn, and as far as Italy, The Netherlands, Israel, Korea, and even Australia. . Overall the show really did a wonderful job showcasing a diverse array of different artists from around the world and the work they create. The small, postcard sized format allows for a real intimacy between the viewer and the artist: just as one would experience when reading a postcard from a friend.


40/40: A Double Vision

40/40: A Double Vision

Beautifully installed in 4 separate gallery spaces by the curator Lilly Wei. Disparate artworks are organized and divided into complimentary groupings – an installation/ projection space, a minimalist area, a nature space, and a fantasy gallery. The exhibition has an essential spaciousness and careful placement that is rewarding.
There is no over arching theme to the exhibition – it simply celebrates the occasion of A.I.R. Gallery’s 40th anniversary. There are 40 artworks - 40 individual personalities. Each work stands alone representing gallery's artists, alongside invited guest artists.
Entering into the main gallery room the viewer is met with a bookstand with cutout/ collaged pages from a phone book on a worn and peeling wooden stand. I imagined it as a directory of the exhibition. There is sculpture, photography, painting, drawing, projection, prints, installation pieces – brilliant color & monochrome, handwork & conceptual work, scruffiness & sophistication. Small screened prints on silk bridge a corner; nearly invisible scorings shape black paper; minute drawings cluster like bees on the wall; flamboyantly, brilliant artificial flowers hover; vibrant vertical slashes of landscape edge the window, subtle lines drift above color. 
A small diptych painting in B & W - one side an open suitcase on the other side a closed suitcase - entitled  “Hi” stands out for me as a metaphor. In its one syllable title, it expresses the sense of the exhibition – a greeting, an opening, a journey. 
I am not writing a review of the exhibition: I am extending an invitation. 40/40: A Double Vision is open until March 30th, 2013. Contact http://www.airgallery.org/ or 212-255-6651 for more information.
Nancy Storrow
A.I.R. Gallery Artist